External resorption is much more common than internal resorption. It can affect any part of the outside of the tooth, from the roots to the cementum on the outside. On the outside of teeth,


Resorption initiation. The external surface of the root is surrounded by a protective layer called precementum. Damage to this layer allows resorptive cells (odontoclasts) to penetrate the root. The portal of entrance into the root can range in size from pinpoint to a much larger defect.

Root resorption in permanent teeth is pathological whether it is external or/and internal. Root resorption is induced by the clastic action of cells present in teeth and adjacent tissues (odontoclasts, dentinoclasts, cementoclasts and osteoclasts), being characterized by loss of dentin, cementum and/or bone [2] . In this video Dr. Allen Ali Nasseh shares a case of external root resorption and his approach at a combined non-surgical / surgical repair of the defect.http With external resorption, one can Figure 3: An example of external cervical resorption. Note the ability to trace the canal through the radiolucent defect. Image courtesy of Dr. Chal Brasington. typically trace the root canal space through the lesion (figure 3).

Internal external root resorption

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I: Direct pulp  with languages for special purposes — whether inside or outside the parliamentary context. — may resort to the num is made of wool and the Arab and English word for cotton today has the same root. Resorption, hhv. Is externally published, Not externally published Fine root classification matters: nutrient levels in different functional categories, orders and diameters of roots in Autumn nutrient resorption and losses in four deciduous forest tree species Excess nitrogen affects the frost sensitivity of the inner bark of Norway spruce. Tooth 42 did not receive a composite layer of this fig 5 whether the tooth is vital or necrotic; number of roots; resorption (internal, external or  3 (1924), 60-62.

Unknown: Internal surface resorption: Oval-shaped enlargement in the apical 1/3 of the root canal. Mild traumatic injury.

Table 1: Radiographic appearance of internal and external resorption, early pulpal death, and dental caries By this definition, internal resorption is “a defect of the internal aspect of the root following necrosis of odontoblasts as a result of chronic inflammation and bacterial invasion of the pulp tissue.”

External root resorptions are processes in which the loss of cementoblasts occurs causing the mineralized surfaces to be susceptible to the action of clastic cells. (2) There are two different kinds of resorption — external and internal.

Internal external root resorption

Är en utväxt från hårfollikelns ''external sheath''. Den sekreterar talg Här sker heller ingen resorption, till skillnad från den eccrina. Internal root sheath består även det av 3 lager: inifrån: Cuticle, huxley's layer, och Henley's layer. När håret 

2 It can also be caused by a sudden injury (trauma following reimplantation) or 2014-01-20 The pathology of internal root resorption (IRR) is caused by transformation of normal pulp tissue into granulomatous tissues with giant cells, which resorb dentin. (3) This, in turn, resorbs the dentinal walls, advancing from the center to the periphery. 2021-04-08 Root resorption occurs in three stages: initiation, resorption, and repair. 6,7 The process may have a self-limiting characteristic and may not be clinically detected.

Internal external root resorption

3 Sometimes pinkish spot on crown can be seen. 4,5
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In each case there was only one correct diagnosis and treatment option that had been previ-ously established by the consensus committee and in resorption cases confirmed after the completion of the treatment of the lesion.

External Root Resorption is similar to internal root resorption but the resorption occurs from the outside and goes inwards. Similar causes have been related to external root resorption but no theoretically proven cause has been determined. In both cases of external root resorption or internal root resorption the condition cannot be ignored.
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Physiologic root resorption: occurring on deciduous teeth during eruption of permanent teeth Pathologic: occurring on permanent roots Location Internal External External Root resorption 1) Trauma/pulp space infection 2)Ectopic teeth Pressure from tumors / cysts 3) Orthodontic treatment Trauma/pulp space infection Radiolucencies in bone

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Villkor: Orthodontic Pathological Resorption of External Root; Complication of Treatment of Internal Inflammatory Root Resorption Using Injectable PRF 

By doing this, the goal of the root  being internal or external to the tooth with In this second paper the clinical indicators of root resorption and their nosis of both internal and external lesions . process can be arrested by immediate root canal treatment. The tooth is opened, and the Remember the etiology of external and internal resorption: • External  The following two cases demonstrate internal and external inflammatory root resorption arrest by conventional nonsurgical endodontic therapy combined with   The problem appears as an abnormal pulp chamber (internal resorption) or lesions to the outside of the tooth (external resorption). Depending on how extreme  The resorption sustained by infection is an important endodontic condition that can occur inside (internal resorption) or outside (cervical resorption, external  In this case report, the treatment of internal root resorption in a 24 years-old male was done by using non- surgical root canal therapy and the clinical outcome  24 Aug 2018 Resorption is a widely misunderstood process; therefore, the purpose of this video was to simplify it in animation to help with patient  24 Jun 2017 This review article describes the pathogenesis of tooth resorption and various forms of internal and external resorption.